Welcome to the Wonderful World of Heirloom Squash…

We have grown Winter Squash now for 25 years , and sometimes, inspiration strikes when you least expect it. 6 years ago, while traveling, we tasted a squash that was truly exceptional. It turned out to be a properly cured Heirloom Maxima squash; it was a revelation!

We immediately began researching the subject (which became quite exhaustive) and quickly discovered that Heirloom squash offered, by far, a better taste profile. 

We then started experimenting with Heirloom seeds. Our goal was to produce a more flavourful fruit. 3 factors became rather important from the onset; technically precise selection of seeds, optimal harvesting based on our climate and fine-tuning our curing methodology.

 Our results were rather conclusive! And thus, decided to put taste before yield!

Here is, in short, the result of our discoveries: the Heirloom fruit has a range of flavours simply not found in Hybrid fruit and, in the case of Maximas, if properly cured, well, Boom! The revelation…

So, diversity in 3 families; the Pepos, who are the first to be harvested in mid-September, all ready to eat immediately. Next, harvested in October, the Moschatas followed by the Maximas, who, if cured, become pronouncedly better.

We offered these Heirlooms to great success at the farm the last three years, we are now making them available at a few selected grocers in greater Montreal.