Optimal storage

Temperature of 10 to 15 degrees, dry place, dark and ventilated, relative humidity of 50% to 60%. Avoid the floor (concrete), use shelves, newspaper or straw underneath the squash. Turning them periodically like a fine wine will help. This will help the conversion of starch into sugars. Temperature fluctuations and the cold  are your enemy!

Should you want to extend storage, rub the dried squash with water/vinegar solution (1 to 4). This helps eliminate spores and bacteria which can lead to premature rotting. Make sure the fruit is dry once you’re finished. Olive oil will also work.

Approximate time

Pepo: 1 to 2 months

Maxima: 3 to 10 months

Moschata:  2 to 4 months


You can freeze squash raw or cooked,


Best way is to dice the flesh and lay out on a cookie sheet then freeze. Once frozen, you bag them indicating type and weight if you want. 


Cook grilled or bake, let cool then purée. Bag them indicating type and weight if you want 

Both methods will keep for about a year.