Squash is an excellent source of beta-carotene, carbohydrates and vegetable protein.

1- Health benefits

High in fibre and nutrients, the bright orange colour reveals the presence of an important antioxidant: beta-carotene. Present research indicates that a diet rich in foods containing beet-carotene will reduce risks of certain types of cancer and offers protection against heart disease and degenerative aspects associated with aging.

Squash is also rich in potassium which contributes to maintaining healthy arterial tension and is an important electrolyte for cardiac and muscular functions.

An excellent source of vitamin C, which helps injury rehabilitation with added benefit of healthy gums. Growth and repair of tissue depend on Vitamin C. It also helps the body  better absorb the iron found in many foods.

2- Squash and weight control

Food low in calories and dense in nutrients are a great source of glucides so important for muscles and should comprise the better part of your plate. It can fully satisfy your appetite without needing starchy foods like potatoes, rice and pasta.

The grilled seeds can can help suppressing your appetite, gives you iron for endurance, zinc for immune functions and a dose of unsaturated fat for muscle energy!

3- Squash and athletic performance.

Carbohydrates and protein are important for working muscles before, during and after working out.  Start of with an energy bar made of squash; replenish et rehydrate after with a good bowl of squash soup.

 Physically, vitamin A contributes to healthy sight, skin and protects our mucous membranes (respiratory and urinary) against pathogens. Also working on our behalf inside our body, Vitamin A  helps with bone growth and reproduction.

Vitamin C is, as everyone knows, a great shield against a cold because of its effect on our immune system. And again, the presence of Vitamin C in our meal facilitates the absorption of iron  in food.

Squash, properly dried and cured (to permit the conversion of starch into sugar), will gradually increase in carotenoids as it cures.

Nature is well-built… Flavor increases in step with nutrients.